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The Holistic Path to

The Holistic Path to 

Weight Loss & Fitness


R.G. Srinivasan

World Health Organization has observed that obesity has now reached epidemic proportions globally.  More number of people are dying due to obesity and resultant disease.  Weight loss and fitness is not just an issue of shedding a few pounds and pumping up the muscles temporarily and losing it all the moment we stop whatever program we are in.  It is a total lifestyle change involving the body, mind and spirit.


The systemic approach of the modern science has spawned the huge sickness industry which while bringing relief from much complex disease does not address the fundamentals of wellness which is prevention.  The progress of medical science does bring relief from pain and to some extent healing which is however a natural mechanism of the body aided by medicine.  Given sufficient time and proper nourishment the body is able to address the problem and heal by itself.

The basis of all ayurvedic and natural therapies of ancient times were based on the simple principle of assisting and providing the body with natural and organic nutrients to stimulate the biological mechanism towards total healing instead of just addressing the symptoms.  The role of various herbs especially herbs like Ganoderma rich in anti oxidants and over 200 components with healing properties cannot be over emphasized.

The ancient system is an integrated system to create wholeness in body, mind and spirit.  One without addressing the other aspects could only address part of the problem.  This is true of the modern medical system which addresses the physiology and not the mind and the spirit.  A complete human being is an amalgam of all three and not just a physical mass.

Recent research has conclusively established the role of mind and the spirit in all healing process.  The science of Yoga and Meditation now plays a crucial role in all therapies which involves creating wellness as opposed to treating sickness.

All who are interested in weight loss, fitness, anti ageing and general good health must address the following questions:

  • What are my health goals?  Is it treating sickness or working towards wellness?

  • Do I require all these unhealthy fast foods and snacks which give immediate gratification but long term pain?

  • Am I in rhythm with nature which is doing simple things like early to bed and early to rise, less automation and more physical work and activities, relaxing when the body sends out signals of stress and tiredness, maintaining cleanliness and avoiding all modern mores which prevents the body from recouping and rebuilding?

  • Do we want our children to be brought up as couch potatoes leading moronic and violent lives and growing into mentally and physically unhealthy adults creating an unbalanced society?

If the answer to all these questions is a big NO then we must begin the process now or it would be too late for all of us and the global society which is mindlessly adding up junk in every aspect in the name of growth and progress.  

We must begin a process of a total lifestyle change which is natural, holistic and healthy. 


About the Author

R.G. Srinivasan is the Director of Born to Win Forum an organization dedicated to success training. He passionate about alternate healing therapies and writes on these subjects regularly.  You can find out more about the availability of ganoderma and articles on health and wellness at

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