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What are the origin & history of Ganoderma

The herbal history of Ganoderma has long been documented in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia written in the 1st century B.C.  This Book well known as ‘Shinnoh Honshokyo’ is now accepted as the original textbook of Oriental medical science.  The Reishei herb is called one of the “Most Important Elixirs in the Orient”    Relatively rare as it grows in densely wooded mountains of high humidity and dim lighting, that too only on fallen trees – 3 or 4 trees out of 10,000 fallen trees, it was searched for and provided only to emperors.

As recent as 20 years back Reishi was still considered rare and not found easily.   Only from 1970 did the veil of secrecy begin to be lifted with various scientists beginning to research the medicinal properties of ganoderma.  The research mainly by Chinese and Japanese and the analysis and clinical experiments done by hospitals, collages and pharmaceutical manufacturers, has clearly established the extensive efficacy in the healthy functioning of almost every part of the body.  It is truly the cellular nutrition required by the modern day man.

Dr Lim Sio Jin of Malaysia researched the cultivation and medicinal qualities of this herb for almost 20 years and considered a pioneer in growing the Reishi with a patented method.  These products are available under the DXN brand and can be purchased directly through its distributors.

I still don’t understand how it can help me ?

The human body is uniquely designed to fight off all disease and disorders if we equip it  properly.  Taking Ganoderma capsules benefits in the following ways:

  • Works on Cell level – on the entire body
  • Protects the body from Diseases as well as disorders
  • Gives Health Vigor  & Vitality
  • Reduces stress, retards ageing process and increases life span
  • Effective for all ages – from womb to tomb
  • Suits anybody and everybody
  • Has no interaction with other lines of treatment.  It complements the same.
  • Overcomes side effects of other medications and relieves patients
  • No diet restrictions.  Liberal dosage schedule; mega dosages not harmful at all
  • No side effects.  No addictions

What are the medicinal benefits of ganoderma?

While the medicinal benefits of Ganoderma are well researched and documented by various scientists, the consumption is not prescriptive or disease specific and taken as a food supplement due to its very nature of assisting the body to heal itself.   It has been used in curing various diseases like diabetes, liver disorders, insomnia, gastric ulcers, neurasthenia, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, allergy related problems…in fact doctors have researched the entire spectrum of diseases including HIV with beneficial results.

However a note of warning to the lay person.  It is not a replacement for you current line of treatment.  It is an adjuvant therapy which can help your body work the way it is supposed to work in sloughing off toxins and healing itself.  What ganoderma does for you will be specific for YOUR body.  Your body is your own best doctor - If you have a splinter in your finger, if you leave it there instead of remove it, eventually the body will force it out of your skin.  When you have an illness, your immune system goes to work to kick out the reason you are feeling ill.  Ganoderma products act to help your body work the way it is supposed to work.  It helps your body kick out all the toxins that are making you feel bad, and it also boosts your immune system so that your body can heal itself.  Ganoderma does nothing more than help your own body do its job.

What are the medicinal components of Ganoderma

It has more than 250 active medicinal components.  Some of the more notable ones are:

  1. Polysaccharides: 

Strengthen the natural healing ability of the body

Reduces blood sugar levels and assists pancreatic functions

Helps to cleanse toxic deposits from the body

Strengthen cell membrane

Increase oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells

  1. Organic Germanium:

Increases the oxygen content in the body

Regulate the balance of electrical charges in the body

Remove abnormal electrical charges found around abscess cells

  1. Adenosine

Lower cholesterol level in the blood and the amount of free fat

Improve adrenal glands to maintain endocrine balance

Regulate metabolism for a youthful and energetic feeling

  1. Triterpenoinds

Enhances digestive system

Prevents allergy caused by antigens

Reduce cholesterol and neutral fat in the body

Activate the nucleus of body cells

  1. Ganoderic Essence

Can overcome skin diseases

For beautification of skin

Can be used for external application of skin disease

mouth ulcers and external wounds

Rejuvenates the body tissue

Are there any side effects of using Ganoderma

Absolutely none and it is one of the safest food supplement without any limitation of dosage.  The recent medical concept of Adaptogen for which a Nobel prize was awarded, describes any substance that is

-         Non Toxic

-         Not limited to any special organs or tissues

-         Has overall normalizing effect

Ganoderma has been called the king of adaptogens.  The adaptogen concept aims to cure by normalizing all body functions.  It holds the notion that unless everything is put into its right track, there can be no complete cure.  Since Ganoderma is an adaptogen that normalizes the body functions and with no side effect, it can cure be used as a preventive therapy with no fear of any side effects.   


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